HIV Early Intervention Program

HIV Early Intervention Program

The Early Intervention Program is compiled of trained, bilingual staff. The overall goal of this program is to assist persons with HIV infections or at a high risk for HIV infection through: HIV risk reduction counseling and testing, partner involvement in risk reduction and transmission prevention, appropriate medical evaluation and full clinical care.

Free HIV Testing & Counseling

On and off-site testing & counseling is available at several locations throughout San Joaquin County.

Primary Care Services

Receive general medical services as well as HIV care monitoring and AIDS medical treatment.

Dental Care

Exams, cleanings, fillings, extractions, crowns, root canals, and other dental care needs are covered under the Early Intervention Program.

Nutritional Counseling

Meet regularly with a registered dietician.

Pharmaceutical Services

Prescriptions may be picked up at the time of your visit.

Payment Information

The HIV Early Intervention Program offers a sliding-fee payment scale. Services are free for low-income individuals. Please bring verification of income at the first visit so that we may determine eligibility for the sliding-fee scale.

Ryan White HIV/AIDS Case Management

To improve the lives of San Joaquin County residents who are diagnosed as HIV positive, case management services can be offered through Ryan White II program. Clients will be provided with services such as food vouchers, bus passes, prescription and ADAP enrollment assistance, advocacy services referrals, translating for Spanish speaking clients, counseling and support.

Social Services

Through this program a social worker will be available to case manage clinic clients with psycho-social issues. The social worker will provide counseling and advocacy services as well a follow-up care

For more information CALL Early Intervention Program Office (209) 940-7209

The HIV Early Intervention Program is funded by the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Act of 1990 which provides assistance for low income, non-injured and under-insured individuals and families affected by the HIV disease.